A smart Wi-Fi bulb allows lighting to be customized, scheduled, and controlled remotely. Smart bulbs are the most demanding class of home automation and the Internet of Things (IoT) products. What is the need for a smart bulb?
A Smart LED bulb can be dim without installing dimmer switches. Simply screw a smart bulb into your lamps and dim or brighten through a mobile App.
Scheduling features of smart bulbs make them unique. You can turn on/off even if you are not at home. Your home will never look empty when you are on vacation. The scheduling can save electricity as it will turn off lights on time.
Dimming the lights to set a mood is fine, but you can take it a step further. Smart bulbs also change color. You can select the exact color you want by tapping a color wheel in-app.
What is the need for a bulb that changes color?

  • You can cool it down by changing the color of the lights to light blue.
  • The golden yellow color can give a warm-up feel to the room.
  • The theme color can be matched with your lighting during parties.
  • You can change the color of the wall without painting by adding blue, yellow, or red hue.


  • WiFi direct connection, no need for hub setting.
  • Remote control via 3G/4G/WiFi.
  • Real-time status displays on APP.
  • Timer control and group control are available.
  • Share with your family to control together.
  • Abundant colors for your selection.
  • Built-in different lighting scenes.
  • Works with Google & Amazon Echo.


  • Item: RGB LED Light Remote Control WiFi Smart Bulb
  • Color: Red, blue, green and their combination
  • Color temperature: 2200-6500K+RGB
  • Voice control: Google /Amazon
  • Material: Aluminum +plastic
  • Power watt: 7 watt
  • Voltage: 85-230V
  • Lumix: 600IM
  • Warranty: 2 years