Gas Leakage Detector in Pakistan with Alarm Alert

The presence of combustible and dangerous gases can be detected using a Gas Leakage Detector in Pakistan. It blinks and sounds a warning when the gas concentration reaches the specified threshold, alerting you to take appropriate safety steps. It detects the presence of dangerous gases in a specific region, which is normally done as a precautionary measure.


Benefits of Gas Leakage Detector in Pakistan

1-Continuous Surveillance

A gas leakage detection system has the advantage of providing you with 24/7 monitoring and allowing you to monitor all regions. It can work all day and night without any rest to monitor every time of any hazard gasses!

2-Minimize Expenses

Because you don’t have to manually monitor the risk for the explosion in the region with a gas detection system, you may cut down on the time it takes to conduct an evaluation. This will reduce the number of hours spent on labor, which will result in cost savings.

3-Strong Shield

You can monitor the level of gases in your surroundings with a gas detection device. As a result, you’ll be able to detect whether there’s a greater risk of poisoning, explosion, fire, or asphyxiation. Giving your employees a safe working environment will result in more work being completed, and you will spend less time worrying about things going wrong. so all of these reasons are good enough to use gas leakage detector in Pakistan.

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  • MCU control with advanced features and low power consumption
  • Low and high alarm levels can be adjusted.
  • Calibrating level that can be adjusted.
  • Best Gas Detector in Pakistan.
  • Combustible gas protection in high concentrations.
  • Low battery warning.
  • The sensor module is replaceable.
  • The function of self-adjustment.
  • The alarm is visible and loud, as well as vibrating.
  • Housing will be resistant to explosives.


  • Detecting gas: Combustible gas
  • Response time: ≤60s resume automatically ≤30
  • Power: AC220V
  • Alarm current: <50mA
  • Power consumption: <1W
  • Life: 5 year (normal use)
  • Sensor type: Semiconductor sensor
  • Alarm method: Visual and audible
  • Sound level: ≥70dB
  • Environment: Temperature: 0℃~55℃
  • Humidity: <95% no dew
  • Gas sampling: Diffuse naturally
  • Range: 0-20% LEL
  • Alarm set point: 10% LEL
  • Warming time: 3min
  • Weight: 150g
  • Dimension: L×B×H(mm):108×82×49.5